Shipping Activity At Port Qasim

Shipping activity at Port Qasim

KARACHI, .(Pakistan Point News - APP - 28th Nov, 2016 ) : Three ships, C.V MSC Maria Elena, C.v Express Black Sea and M.V Eternity SW carrying containers and project cargo were allotted berths at Qasim International Container Terminal and Multipurpose Terminal respectively on Sunday, 27th November-2016. Meanwhile three more ships with containers, LPG and diesel oil also arived at outer anchorage of Port Qasim on Friday morning25th November. Berth occupancy was manager at the Port at fifiy three percent on Sunday where a total of eight ships namely C.

V MSC Maria Elena, C.V Expres Black Sea, C.V Safmarine Nayassa, M.V Eternity SW, Kavo Platanos, M.T Argent Aster, M.T Al-Shamal and M.T Bneider are currently occupying berths to load/offload containers, project cargo, sunfiower seeds, LNG and disesl oil respectively during last 24 hours. A cargo volume of 86,416 tonnes, containerized 68,366 tonnes import cargo and 18,050 tonnes export cargo inclusive of containerized cargo carried in 1,850 containers TEUs (9,00 imports TUEs & 9.

50 TUEs exports) was handled at the Port during last 24 hours. Five ships, C.V Express Black Sea, C.V Safmarine Nayassa, M.T Argent Aster, M.T Al-Shamal and M.T Bneider salied out to sea on Sunday morning, while another M.V Kavo Platanos is expected o sail on same day afternoon. Five ships, C.VAl-Hilal, C.V MSC Lucy, M.T Dong Aris, M.V Talia and M.T Russel carrying containers, palm oil, canola seeds and LPG are expected to take berths at QICT, LCT, FAP and SSGC respectively on Monday,28th November, while two more container ships 'Maersk Pitisburg and CMA CGM Amazon are due to arrive at Port Qasim on Tuesday, 29th November-2016.