19th Death Anniversary Of Famed Musician Khalil Ahmed Observed

19th death anniversary of famed musician Khalil Ahmed observed

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 21th july, 2016) : One of the most accomplished music composer in Pakistan's film industry, Khalil Ahmed's 19th death anniversary was observed in the country and homages were paid to his work as musician on tv and radio channels on Thursday. Khalil Ahmed was born on March 3, 1936, ptv reported. He was a well known Pakistani composer for films. He migrated to Pakistan in 1952 and started his career with film 'Anchal'in 1962 and remained one of the leading music directors in the sub-continent.

He also composed music for film 'Khamosh Raho' (1964) and recorded a ghazal in Ahmed Rushdi's voice which gained him country-wide fame. He also gave hit music of film 'Khilona' (1967). An accomplished composer for television and films, Khalil's many contributions to music have embedded themselves in the Pakistani psyche. Khalil was a specialist in sad compositions. He was one of Pakistan film industry's most versatile musicians having composed music for over 40 films in a career spanning two decades. His famous films were 'Palkon ki chaon me,' 'Khilona,' 'Khandan' and had composed many songs as well. His famous milli songs were 'jag uttha ha sara watan,' 'Watan ki meeti gawaha rahna,' 'hamara parchum ye payara parchum ye parchamo me azeem parchum' Khalil Ahmed died on July 21, 1997, in Lahore.