Dar-ul-Sukun & Paramount Fine Foods Ink MoU

Dar-ul-Sukun & Paramount Fine Foods ink MoU

KARACHI, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 23rd Nov, 2016 ) : Dar-ul-Sukun and Paramount Fine Foods have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) under which Paramount Fine Foods will donate a certain sum to Dar-ul-Sukun every month. An announcement here on Wednesday said that under the terms of the MoU, Paramount Fine Foods will be donating the sum which they will be raising from the sale of Paramount's own drinking water, within the restaurant which has recently opened.

Paramount International in Canada has a similar agreement with the Make a Wish Foundation and Paramount hopes to continue this initiative in Pakistan with Dar-ul-Sukun. Speaking at the occasion, Dar-ul-Sukun In Charge, Ruth Lewis commented: `Dar-ul-Sukun envisions an inclusive world in which all persons with disabilities are provided their full human rights & are able to achieve full potential of their abilities. With a history spanning 47 years, it has supported children with disabilities, socially displaced boys and girls and senior citizens by establishing a network of homes that provide care for disadvantaged populations of society.

Our success lies in establishing critical multi-level partnerships with stakeholders from the corporate sector, development sector, private philanthropists, government and non-governmental/ not-for-profit organizations. These partnerships enable us to achieve our vision for providing health care, education, food, shelter & employment to populations already affected by or at risk of being affected by disability. I personally recognize and appreciate the contribution of each of Dar-ul-Sukun's friend, donor and dedicated staff'.