Amir Liaquat Mercileslly Criticizes Zardari And Mir

Amir Liaquat mercileslly criticizes Zardari and Mir

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News – 22nd Nov, 2016) : Pakistani tv host and religious scholar Dr Amir Liaquat mercilessly criticized former president Asif Ali Zardari on his statement against Imran Khan. In a private TV show Dr Amir Liaquat said that according to Asif Zardari, “Khan aims for a sixer on every ball, however gets bowled instead.” Liaquat on this statement ‘corrected the former president saying that “Khan is a bowler not a batsman. He excels at bowling.” He further addressed to the interviewer of Zardari, Hamid Mir, saying that Mir has a hawk’s eye for every mistake how did he miss that. He further criticized the host saying Mir’s explanations were illogical.