Citizens Enjoying Gajar Halva' As Mercury Dropping

Citizens enjoying Gajar Halva' as mercury dropping

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 21st Nov, 2016 ) : As the mercury is dropping continuously, citizens have started enjoying traditional 'Gajar ka halva.' According to a report aired by a private news channel , Gajar ka Halva is considered to be one of irresistible food items in the winter. Prepared with carrots, condensed milk and dry fruits, the delicious dessert is not only a source of energy, but also adds colour and taste to the meal.

Several markets having stalls of winter delights are doing good business, due to high demand for winter delights. "We have been in this business for the last many years and sell more than 30 kilogrammes of Halva each day," said a shopkeeper Ahmad Ali. Muhammad Tahir, another shopkeeper says the recipe for this Halwa may be the same everywhere but the procedure for cooking varies from shop to shop. The richness of Gajar Halva varies according to how much khoya, clarified butter and nuts are used.

"We eagerly wait for the winter season because Gajar Halva becomes available. In a cold winter night, there is nothing better than a bite of hot buttery Halva followed by a sip of Kashmiri tea," said Rana Tahir, a visitor to a shop. "People of all ages should eat carrots because they contain vitamin A which is great for the eyes. Children and younger people can benefit from eating Gajar Halva but older people should ensure their Halva contains lesser amounts of ghee as it is rich in cholesterol," said Dr Sharif Astori. "To ensure that no artificial food colouring and low quality oil is used in Gajar Halva, it is best to cook it at home. If people prefer to buy it from the shops then reputed shops should be selected," he added.