Supreme Court Demands PBS To Provide A Specific Date For Census

Supreme Court demands PBS to provide a specific date for census

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News – 18th Nov, 2016) : The Supreme Court rejected the conditions placed on the holding of the census in March/April 2017, saying that the government's report was 'just a show', and asked for a clear and unambiguous report on the subject. Chief Justice of Pakistan while rejecting the report said that such kind of attitude regarding census is not acceptable. CJP said that if Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) cannot do its job than it is better to shut down the department and not waste people’s money on it.

Further in his remarks said the army is only called into action during a state of emergency. "If it is the job of army to do everything, then what is the purpose for these institutions?" He exclaimed. "The government should just say that conducting a census is not their piece of cake." "If court can't provide justice then what is the need for this institution?" he asked. "The government should say there is even no purpose for a court."