Polling In Azad Kashmir Begins


Polling in Azad Kashmir begins

Azad Kashmir, (Pakistan Point News – 21st july, 2016) : Polling continues in Azad Kashmir for the elections of legislative assembly. 413 candidates belonging to 8 political parties are competing against each other for the acquisition of 41 seats. it is the tenth political elections in Azad Kashmir. the main candidates of this elections belong to PML-n, PTI and PPP. but the most important thing which is encountered in these elections is that the Muslim conference party which has been ruling Azad Kashmir for many years has become an alliance of PTI.

the process of polling was started at 8 a.m today and will come to an end at 5 p.m. 41 candidates of PPP and 38 candidates of PML-n are the rivals in the ongoing elections. during the polling process, strict security measures has been taken to ensure the safety of the vicinity. army has been appointed on the entrance and exit of the polling stations.