“Imran Khan Is Threat To National Security”: Daniyal Aziz

“Imran Khan is threat to national security”: Daniyal Aziz

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News – 16th Nov, 2016) : while taking to media, PML (N) member Daniyal Aziz said PML (N) unconditionally presented themselves for accountability 7 months ago. He asked that why is Imran Khan not answering to election commission. He said Imran should respond to the case of International funding, days of trickery are over. Daniyal Aziz said that why Khan did change that accountability law of KPK. Talking on the similar subject PML (N) member Talal Chaudhry said that we did not some fairy-tale in the election commission. He further said that Khan should accept his defeat rather than taking it out on Pakistan and its laws. He said that by turning against PML (N) he has also turned against Pakistan.