Skygazers Gear Up For Extra Bright 'supermoon'

 Skygazers gear up for extra bright 'supermoon'

JAKARTA, , 2016 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 14th Nov, 2016 ) - Skygazers were heading to high-rise buildings, ancient forts and beaches Monday to witness the closest "supermoon" to Earth in almost seven decades, hoping for dramatic photos and spectacular surf. The unusually big and bright Moon will appear at its most impressive just as night falls over Asia, but astronomy enthusiasts will be able to see Earth's satellite loom large anywhere in the world shortly after sunset, weather permitting.

The phenomenon happens when the Moon is full at the same time as, or very near, perigee -- its closest point to Earth on an elliptical, monthly orbit. It should appear at its most impressive at 1352 GMT. It will be the closest to Earth since 1948 at a distance of 356,509 kilometres (221,524 miles), creating what NASA described as "an extra-supermoon". From India to Australia, skygazers and photographers were seeking the best viewing spots in the region where the phenomenon will be visible first, hoping that cloudy skies and the perennial pollution that blights many Asian cities will not spoil the fun.

Thousands of people were expected to head to Sydney's Bronte Beach to witness the event after author Gavin McCormack created a Facebook page to let friends know of his plans. "Bring a flask of tea... bring a picnic, bring the kids and bring your binoculars because this is going to be fantastic," he wrote. Delhi residents were hoping toxic smog shrouding the world's most polluted capital in recent weeks would abate to allow spectacular views as the supsersized moon rises over the Red Fort, the former Mughal emperor's residence.