Multiple Disabilities Persons Get Insurance Cover

Multiple disabilities persons get insurance cover

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 12th Nov, 2016 ) : Persons with multiple disabilities or any severe disability problem would get insurance cover to counter challenges of life. The scheme help persons with disabilities to lead a respectable life and get complete medical care, which many people could not afford due to limited resources. Quoting the figures of World Health Organization, officials of Directorate of Special Education told APP that 10 percent population of the country comprises persons with disabilities whereas 1998 census indicated that 4.

7 percent people were disabled. "Among these 4.7 percent people, nearly 57 percent are physically disabled and rests are hearing impaired, visually impaired and mentally retarded", they said. They informed that a National Plan of Action has also been prepared to implement the National Policy for Persons with Disabilities. They said the main thrust of the National Plan of Action 2006, include early intervention, assessment and medical treatment, education and training, vocational training, employment and rehabilitation, research and development, barrier free buildings, parks and public places, strengthening of institutional mechanisms and adequate funding.

Directorate General of Special Education in collaboration with Ministry of Education and provincial departments of education is working on a project for executing Integrated Education for Children with Disabilities, they added. Under the Plan of Action five major cities namely Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi, Quetta and Lahore have been declared disabled friendly. National Institute for Handicapped is also working to provide health care facilities for all types of disabilities, they added.

Directorate General of Special Education (DGSE) has established model centers for inclusive education in 16 Federal Government schools in the centre where more than 200 students are getting education, they said. "Inclusive Education centers are also established in Turbat and Kech in Balochistan and Mirpur Khas in Sindh", sources said. They said that National Institute of Special Education is providing training providing training to Special Education Teachers for professional working in disciplines like, physiotherapy, speech therapy, audiology, braille, music and sports for persons with disabilities Constraints.

They added that National Commission for Child Welfare and Development is endeavoring to raise the capacity of the teachers of Special Education Centers and create awareness among people with disabilities to avail the facilities established for them so that these people help contribute in national progress.