District Administration Staff Found Absent During Surprise Check

District administration staff found absent during surprise check

ABBOTTABAD, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 10th Nov, 2016 ) : District Nazim and Naib Nazim Abbottabad on Thursday paid surprise check to the district administration offices at 8:30 am found most of the employees absent from the duty. District Nazim Sardar Sher Bhadur and Naib Nazim Shaukat Tanooli paid a surprise checks twice at 8:45 and 9:15 am to the Assistant Commissioner Office which was closed and all staff including AC were absent. In the DC office at 8:30 only Deputy Commissioner Abbottabad was present and a sweeper was cleaning the offices rest of the staff was absent and offices were locked.

At 8:40 when District Nazim reached District Revenue Office all staff including Tehsildar, Girdawars and Patwaris were also found absent, while at 8:50 offices of Additional Revenue Officer and Finance Office were also found locked and staff was absent. District Nazim also paid a surprise visit to the benevolent fund, accounts, domicile and license branches of DC office where only two clerks were present while rest of the staff was absent.

During another surprise check of District Education Office female where district education officer and some of her staff was present. The only office where all officers and staff found present was the District Education male Abbottabad. Sardar Sher Bhadur told to media that they will send a detailed report regarding the negligence of the district administration staffer from duty to the Commissioner Hazara and provincial government with the recommendations to take strict action against all those found absent. He further said that government employees are meant to serve the public as their perks and privileges are paid through the taxes of the people.