Thousands Protest Outside Trump Tower

Thousands protest outside Trump Tower

NEW YORK, (Pakistan Point News – 10th Nov, 2016) :Thousands of people protested against Donald Trump’s victory by clogging the streets near Trump tower in Chicago. The protests come after a contentious campaign about post-election unrest. The daylong demonstrations were largely peaceful, but crowds shut down parts of the state, climbed on top of a bus and a man also a flag on fire. Hundreds of people blocked the entrance to Trump Tower, according to an American newspaper.

“No Trump No Fascists USA,” was a popular chant. “We don’t want a president who hates,” said Chicago resident Gloria Ortega. “Trump isn’t a bigot,” a Trump Supported told the media. “If you look behind the back doors you’ll see blacks, Hispanics, Muslims and all kinds of people working for him. He’ll take care of all Americans regardless of their religion or race” People protested Trump’s victory in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Boston, D.C., and several other cities. Sources have told that police have put barricades between the tower and the protesters.