Ex-football Greats Shoot For Business Glory With Tech Ventures

Ex-football greats shoot for business glory with tech ventures

LISBON, Nov 9, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 09th Nov, 2016 ) : There was a time, before tv deals brought untold riches to the game, when retiring footballers had little in the bank and few options for the rest of their lives. But as the boom of the past two decades has transformed the business fortunes of the big clubs, so has it opened up new vistas for cashed-up players when they end their on-pitch careers. The boom has been accompanied by the revolution in technology and some of football's greatest Names of recent years, such as Luis Figo and Ronaldinho, are busy exploiting new opportunities in the digital realm.

The former greats outlined their post-career interests at the Web Summit, an annual conclave of business leaders and technology startups known as "Davos for geeks". At the week-long conference, Figo presented a new mobile app that lets talented young footballers film themselves and engage with a community of club scouts worldwide. "Technology is an area were everybody wants to be. Everyone tries to find the market niche that allows you to succeed," the former Portugal captain told a panel at the summit in his hometown Lisbon.