Ummah Can Regain Past Glory By Following Iqbal's Vision Of Unity:

Ummah can regain past glory by following Iqbal's vision of unity:

MUZAFFARABAD(Pakistan Point News - APP - 08th Nov, 2016 ) : Azad Jammu and Kashmir President Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan and Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider have said the Muslims through following the vision of Allama Iqbal for Ummah unity expressed through his poetry could regain its past glory. The AJK President, in his message on the 139th birth anniversary of great poet and philosopher, being observed on Wednesday, said Allama Iqbal had infused a new spirit among the Muslims around the globe and given a new hope to them for regaining the past glory.

He said Allama Iqbal in his poems had mentioned the pain, pathetic condition and helplessness of Kashmiri people and expressed his heartfelt grievances over their subjugation to India. Sardar Masood said Allama Iqbal was not only a great poet and philosopher but also a great intellectual, who had foreseen the future and desired that the Muslims should be socially and economically strong to get rid of colonial powers. The AJK Prime Minister, in his message, said creation of Pakistan was reflection of Allama Iqbal's vision, following which the Kashmiri people had passed the resolution for accession to Pakistan.

He said the message given by Allama Iqbal through his poetry had impacted the Muslims of the Sub-continent, who got united under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and succeeded in getting a separate homeland in just seven years struggle in 1947, after unprecedented sacrifices. He said it was a matter of proud for Kashmiri people that Iqbal was a son of Kashmir. He fully supported the Kashmiri people against the repression of Doghrah regime and was worried about the future of Kashmiri Muslims, the AJK prime minister added. Raja Farooq asserted that Iqbal's poetry and philosophy was based on islam and his vision was for Muslim unity, which could be followed by Muslims even today to regain their past glory.