14 Lawbreakers Including Two Drunkards Netted

14 lawbreakers including two drunkards netted

RAWALPINDI, Nov 8 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 08th Nov, 2016 ) :- Police in its drive against anti-social elements on Tuesday arrested 14 lawbreakers including two drunkards besides recovering 3730 grams charras, 27 liter wine, a pistol 30 bore with four rounds and a dagger from their possession. Gunjmandi police held Muhammad Rafique for having 1130 grams charras while Raja Waheed Iqbal was sent behind the bars on recovery of 1150 grams charras.

Murree police netted Risalat Hussain with 105 grams charras. Sadiqabad police seized 1350 grams charras and netted Muhammad Amjad. Gujar Khan police rounded up Muhammad Arshad for carrying 10 liter wine. Kahuta police also recovered five liter wine from the possession of Waqas. Murree police nabbed Risalat with five liter wine. Gunjmandi police arrested Sher Muhammad for having seven liter wine. Airport police apprehended two drunkards namely Arslan Shoukat and Zeeshan Riaz who were allegedly under the influence of alcohol. Waris Khan police rounded up Arshad Khan and recovered a 30 bore illegal pistol and four rounds. A dagger was recovered from the possession of Asmat ullah. Gunjmandi police conducted a raid at an illegal LPG agency and arrested two accused namely Muhammad Zubair and Wakeel Khan.