Indian High Commission Officials Declared Persona Non Grata, Ordered To Leave Pakistan

Indian High Commission officials declared persona non grata, ordered to leave Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News – 8th Nov, 2016) : Three out of seven Indian High Commission officials were declared persona non grata by Pakistan. They have been sent to India via Dubai, while the other 5 will leave Pakistan via Wagha. The officials were employed by Indian intelligence agency RAW and were posing as diplomats. The three officials left by traveling from the 09:00 am flight EK-613. The other remaining five Indian officials are expected to travel back to India tomorrow via Wagah border.

The officials were initially expected to leave on Sunday however, due to incomplete travel documents, their departure was delayed. The Names of the Indian officials who will travel by road tomorrow are Rajesh Kumar Ragni Hotri, Balbair Singh, Amardeep Singh Bhatti, Jiya Balin and Dharmendra. Pakistan had claimed that the Indian officials were involved in running a network of IB officials and were agents of Indian spy agency RAW.