Cellular Internet (3g And 4g) Befitting Society But A Threat As Well

Cellular Internet (3g and 4g) befitting Society but a threat as well

Evolution is a key for development. Wheel leading to vehicle, large room-sized computers leading to small portable tablets, cassettes developing into an advance form of mp3 are all perks of technology evolution that we enjoy daily. And this evolutionary change is felt by previous generation more than the current one. Let’s say that watching a movie on just one click would be a wonder for a grandparent who had always strived hard for watching a movie on VCR! With evolution there comes development while development is followed by comfort.

Though development itself is done at the expense of mind labor, but once disseminated, benefits society on a large scale. ‘Comfort’ being the top priority of human beings, urges them to grab the latest tech and avail it, easing out their lives on themselves. The same goes with a small device aka cell phones out of which the whole world is reaping benefits. Getting started from the push-to-talk system (radio common carrier) making its way through Brick phones, clamshell satellite phones, candy bar, pausing briefly over Nokia 6000 series proceeding towards black berry and iPhones and the Apps taking over at the end to begin an everlasting journey of cellular evolution.

The latest stage which the cellular technology has succeeded to reach is the availability of Mobile internet in the form of 3g and 4G. With this emerged the no more sticking-on-to-a-large screen facility, waiting for internet service provider to open up the world of information for you. The small box in your hand has enclosed the vast ocean of enlightenment giving you access all the way to the deepest part of unknown-yet-to-be-discovered facts.

Initially, the smart phones didn’t contribute much to the technological advancement as there was no texting and the connections were as weaker than anything. The transference and acquiring of information came with the emergence of 2G or 2nd Generation although with a very low speed of data transfer, about 9.6 kb|s. but it raised to 56kb|s, the tech innovation should be credited. Had 2nd generation users ever thought about getting a speed 4 times than the sluggish 2G? 3G or 3rd generation faded in as a wonder with an initial speed of 200kb|s gradually transforming into the maximum speeds of 7.

2 Mb|s, mesmerizing the users. Currently 4th Generation technologies are taking over the mobile internet world with more speeds and reliability. Devices are also being manufactured to support the 4g format. 4G network defines itself as one that offers 100Mb|s for mobilizing individuals while 1Gb|s to an immobile location. 4G is faster than 3G but it has to meet the specifications of the standards to be called true 4G. LTE is the closest we have come to using a True Fourth Generation mobile technology.

Internet in its cellular form is facilitating us in every aspect of life. All you need is an android phone with a 3G/4G supported SIM or a Wi-Fi network, your life will be a heaven on this earth, an updated and the most benefitted one. If you are a student and needs information about the historical background of war on terror, research is one touch away. People likeme for whom books are as necessary as water, food and air to live, but are too lazy to go readings for book shopping, can find their favorite books online or in the form of PDF which can be downloaded easily in the cell phone.

Hence no more book shelves are required, only a memory card and 3G/4G sufficiently quenches the thirst to read! Moreover, kids can be seen enjoying their favorite games like Dino Dots Connect for Kids, Peekaboo Sesame Street, Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO and lots more, which not only keep them busy but also let them learn in a challenging way. If you are preparing for CSS exam and want to stay updated of the current affairs, you can do it independent of the tv sets.

All you need to do is to download any news channel’s website app on your cell phone, and you will be more aware! Billing has become much convenient with the emergence of cellular internet. The previous struggle of lining up in a queue, waiting forthe turn for hours has reduced to one button click. Easy paisa in Pakistan is the biggest example through which not only bills are paid but cash can also be sent to your loved ones who are far away from you.

The Easypaisa bill payment service brings you a way to pay your Electricity, Gas, Telephone, Water and Internet bills. Easypay has been launched officially by Easypaisa and it is Pakistan’s first end-to-end online payment solution. It facilitates online merchants by providing them online payment options.Easypaisa launched back in 2009 to provide money transfer services mainly to those who do not have a bank account. Anyone who possesses a National ID Card can send or receive money through this service.

Now another step has been taken by Easypaisa by launching a new service named ‘Doorstep Money Transfer’ enabling the money to be received at your home within a time period of 1 working day. The credit goes to the developer of 3G/4G networks. Visiting Lahore for the first time? Want to taste the best Pakistani food but are not aware of the way to any restaurant? Don’t worry;Google map is there in your 3G/4G supported cell phone which can take you to the amazing food street.

Use the online navigation system and there you are surrounded by the delicious aroma of Pakistani foods. Enjoy! Entertainment cravings are fulfilled by mobile internet which can makes all the latest music (mp3 or videos), serials and movies not only to stream online but you can also download them and enjoy later on. Not only this, different apps in Play store facilitates you in shopping, transportation, blood donation and lots more. Uber for instance is an online transport app which enables you to get a ride wherever you wish to; the vehicle will take you from your doorstep on just one call.

By downloading an app of life foundation, you will be able to obtain the required blood group in emergency situations. So yeah the wonders of technology have made life better and convenient. Apps like Facebook, watsap, twitter and others such social sites are now available on our palms making us to connect with our dear ones more easily and swiftly. You don’t have to wait for the postman or a landline phone call to talk to your cousin or aunt living abroad, a text message on messenger or watsap can convey your feelings and well wishes on expense of just a touch.

But here a question arises that is it only the noun ‘benefit’ or ‘perk’ that one can associate with this emerging technology? The answer is very simple. Every technology possesses darker and brighter sides simultaneously. When mobile internet makes you more active socially, it also gives you a 24/7 access to the social sites leading you to encounter a prominent cut off with your real social life that includes your family on the top of the list.

People give status of happy mother’s day eating breakfast in their rooms while they never know how hard their mothers miss them on the dining table! Cellular devices give you more privacy. But as we can see every kid holding a tablet, privacy can lead to a severe harmful situation as internet availability can open up a huge stock of every kind of information including the explicit one.Children (mostly) can access to restricted sites that are mostly for adults.

Viral videos showing extremism, violence and often inappropriate material comes in easy access if one possess a 3G/4G supported cell phone and Wi-Fi connectivity. In a 3G/4G phone, Power consumption is high. This results in shorter periods between recharging. Additionally, the devices have big batteries to curb this shortcoming. Health wise, frequent use of wireless handsets can have a destructive effect on the user. In the long term, the magnetic waves radiated can negatively affect their brain.

Concluding my article, I would just like to mention that although the technological advancements are making us more aware and more social, comfort and convenience crowning the list of its virtues but its darker aspects should never be ignored. Optimism is a really good thing but ignoring the demerits can damage you perhaps more than you were befitted. Technology is just a matter of a facility, it is never built in with some harmful purpose, but it also leaves us with a huge responsibility whether to utilize it in a profiting way, or just let it ruin your life for no good.