PSO Unveils Premium Quality Petrol

PSO unveils premium quality petrol

KARACHI, (Pakistan Point News – 7th Nov, 2016) : Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has launched improved quality petrol and HOBC fuel; it will start its nationwide sale over the next three to four days. “The price of deregulated HOBC, under the new name of Altron X High Performance, will rise by Rs5-7 per liter,” company’s spokesperson The upgraded petrol would be available at current price till new rates are announced by the regulator, she said. However, any particular date for the new rates has not been revealed. The regulator usually intimates new prices at the end of every month. Pakistan State Oil (PSO) also renamed its Premium XL Gasoline to Altron Premium. The quality of Altron Premium is RON 92. PSO was previously selling RON 87 under the name of Premier XL Gasoline. Altron X High Performance would be RON 95-97, the spokesperson said.