Kareena Kapoor: “I Was Told Not To Get Married To Saif But I Didn’t Budge From My Decision”

Kareena Kapoor: “I was told not to get married to Saif but I didn’t budge from my decision”

MUMBAI, (Pakistan Point News – 7th Nov, 2016) : In an interview Kareen Kapoor spoke about how her decision to marry Saif Ali Khan was not taken kindly by many people. She said, “Saif and I have been together for nearly a decade, so this was a natural progression in our life. Years ago, when I had started living-in with Saif, I was warned not to do it. Then I was told not to get married, but I didn’t budge from my decision. Now, when I am on my way to being a mom, I know that people will put a tag to it, but it doesn’t bother me.

Nothing has ever stopped me from working and I know how to balance my professional and personal life. I know it’s going to be an amazing experience, but I don’t expect him to sit at home. We are going to take each day as it comes.” She also said that she would take a short break after her baby is born and resume work soon. “I am always going to work and take my holidays too. So, that is not going to change. Once I get into a routine with the baby , only then will I know how I am feeling.