Ae Dil Hai Mushkil- A Review

Ae dil hai Mushkil- A review

The most hyped Bollywood movie, Ae dil hai mushkil, on one hand attracted its audience through the stunning cast but on the other hand also gained a controversial fame after the situation on the border became intense between the two neighboring countries, India and Pakistan. Its release became a challenge for its producer Karan Johar as he received threats by Hindu extremist parties for including Fawad Khan in the cast of the movie, who has his roots in the Pakistani drama industry.

The Times of India reports, however, that Union Minister of Home Affairs, Rajnath Singh, has assured full support for the release of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Mukesh Bhatt, President of the Film & Television Producers Guild of India, said after a meeting with Singh that the minister promised to speak to the chief minister “of every state and assured that Ae Dil Hai Mushkil will release without any violence or issue.” Consequently, the movie starring Ranbeer Kapoor, Aishwariya Rai Bachan, Anushka Sharma and Fawad Khan released with full bloom making a business of Rs.

66. 38 crore within 6 days. The story moralizes the equal importance of love and friendship and portrays the beauty of both relationships at their own places. The whole movie is basically a narration done by Ranbeer kapoor (ayyan) who is giving an interview to some unknown interviewer. The story revolves around Alizay who is a lively hardcore girl but buried deep in her is the pain of unaccomplished love. Ayyan being an emotional boy with a really delicate heart possess a desire to become a singer and is a fan of Muhammad Rafi.

The two met up in a co incidence and developed a strong bonding of friendship, but soon Ayyan feels himself being attracted towards alizay in more than just-a-friend- manner while Alizay tells him that the real peace lies in friendship. This subtle feeling of Ayyan transforms into insanity when Alizay's love, Ali came back apologizing and proposed her to marry him. With a wrenched heart he was about to break away when a poetess Saba crossed his way and console him with great compassion.

Soon the two fall into a physical relationship, while Saba develops a feeling of love towards Ayyan. But getting know the intensity of Ayyan's love for Alizay she breaks away and tells him to go away as distancing from love is easier hence more controllable than falling in love. Ayyan is then seen as struggling hard to achieve his passion with the help of his voice now depicting the pain inside him in a melodious manner. the real shock becomes the fate of the audience when he meets Alizay after two years and discovers the deadly cancer in her.

He then decides to be with her, love her till her last breath.The film has a vague ending, Alizay isnt shown dead. The end gives some of us a certain feeling of restlessness and suspicion while some people like me are satisfied by the end as it doesnt show any sorrow, departure, regrets or any such negative stuff. All i felt at the end was a contentment that the two remained together, no matter how difficult and disappointing were the circumstances, Ayyan's wish to love her till her last breath and alizay's need of a friend in her last moments were accomplished, so no complaints!One awkward aspect that i observed is the depiction of the whole cast as a muslim community doing all the things which muslims rarely do.

The display of free sex, the use of alcohol, all the cultural stuff shown in the movie have a sharp contrast with the real Muslim culture. So it left me with a question that why Muslim Names were opted for the cast? May be for a reason or not, but it doesn't associate the character with the 'names' justly. Moving on to the music, Pritam has blessed the movie with his outstanding capabilities of music Direction. The soulful voice of Arijit singh being the cherry on the top will be having a long lasting profound effect on the music lovers, i guarantee.

The title song, Channa Mareya, Bhulleya, cutie pie and breakup song have invaded the playlist of most of the public. Moreover the beautiful foreign locations which Karan Johar specializes in, have beautified the display which leaves us in a state of awe. and what else? you have to watch the movie for getting the real essence, so enjoy. PS: liking or disliking a movie is certainly one's own choice, but the best one can do, is extracting the positive aspects and utilize it to make your own life better than before. Atleast i act over this principle ;)