Brexit Court Ruling Reignites Vitriol

Brexit court ruling reignites vitriol

LONDON, , (Pakistan Point News - APP - 04th Nov, 2016 ) - From rape and death threats to calls for judges to be hanged, the High Court decision giving the British parliament the right to vote on Brexit has reignited passions and violent rhetoric. The British tabloids led the bitter discourse, with headlines vehemently opposed to Thursday's ruling. The Daily Mail on Friday showed the three High Court judges under the front-page headline "Enemies of the people", and accused them of "an attempted coup".

The paper's star commentator Richard Littlejohn described as "an outrage" the judges' decision "to side with the sore losers who want to scupper Britain's departure from the European Union". The Sun newspaper featured the headline "who do EU think you are?" while the Daily Express declared "We Must Get Out of the EU", with its editorial column carrying the militant cry: "Fight! Fight! Fight!" The Daily Telegraph, a more moderate eurosceptic broadsheet newspaper, adopted a similar tone with the headline: "The judges versus the people".

The paper handed front-page column inches to Nigel Farage, interim leader of the UK Independence Party and a leading Brexit campaigner, who declared a "great betrayal" was under way and warned: "The British people are not simply going to let this incredible arrogance lie". The left-leaning pro-EU Guardian newspaper took a more measured approach, concluding that the ruling was a blow to Prime Minister Theresa May, but would not derail Brexit. "While there are plenty of MPs on both sides of the House of Commons who backed remain during the referendum campaign... only a handful of diehards now say they want to block Brexit," columnist Heather Stewart wrote.