Health Precautions Urged Against Malaria And Dengue Fever

Health precautions urged against Malaria and Dengue fever

HYDERABAD, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 04th Nov, 2016 ) : Sindh Government has urged to adopt health precautions against malaria and dengue viruses and advised the people to immediately contact with doctors if they have any doubt of malaria or dengue fever. Talking to APP here on Friday focal person of Dengue ,Dr. Ahmed Hayder advised the people to use net, affix iron nets on doors and windows, carry out anti mosquito spray and dispose the standing water from their homes.

He informed that the spreading of dengue virus has become an alarming health issue both at national and international level. Dengue causes fever, bleeding from teeth and gums as well as receding blood pressure as a result of the bite of a special mosquito. Dr. Ahmed Hayder said that the dengue cases reported among 95 percent youth of under five years residing in hot and humid climate of rural and urban parts. The treatment of dengue virus affected people is available and the affected persons could come up from the disease by getting proper medical treatment. He further informed that though the government is making all out efforts to root out dengue, but the people should also take all precautionary measures to save themselves from this disease.