Smoggy Conditions To Prevail In Plain Areas Of Punjab: PMD

Smoggy conditions to prevail in plain areas of Punjab: PMD

ISLAMABAD, Nov 4 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 04th Nov, 2016 ) : The weather would remain dry in most parts of the country however, smoggy conditions would engulf plain areas of Punjab during the next 24 hours. According to the synoptic situation, a westerly wave is affecting upper parts of the country and likely to persist during next 18 hours. The weather is likely to remain dry in most parts of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Balochistan, Kashmir and Balochistan during the next 24 hours.

The rainfall recorded during the last 24 hours was Dir 06 mm, Kalam 02 mm and Drosh 01 mm. The lowest minimum temperatures recorded during the last 24 hours were Skardu, Hunza 01 C, Kalat and Astore 02 C. According to Smog advisory, smoggy conditions are likely to persist during the months of November and December. Less than average rainfall is expected in November-December, therefore smog, fog and mist will remain prevalent phenomena. Higher concentration of smog is expected in urban areas. Smog containing the pollutants may cause eye and throat irritations as well as difficulty in breathing so public may exercise precautionary measures.