Supreme Court Rejects Government’s Review Appeal

Supreme Court rejects government’s review appeal

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News – 4th Nov, 2016) : Supreme Court (SC) on Friday has reject the government’s review plea over matter pertaining to Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif’s powers, stating that the premier cannot bypass the cabinet. During the hearing, Justice Saqib Nisar said that PM is not permitted to take decision on financial matters without federal cabinet’s consent as there is no room for PM’s ‘solo flight’ in Constitution.

“The decisions of the Federal Government are the decisions of the Cabinet and not of the Prime Minister. Any decisions taken by the Prime Minister on his own initiative lack the authority of the law or the Constitution,” he added. The judge reiterated that exemption and imposition of the tax come under federation’s authorities. “The Prime Minister cannot take decisions by himself, or by supplanting or ignoring the Cabinet because the power to take decisions is vested with the Federal Government i.e. the Cabinet, and unilateral decisions taken by him would be a usurpation of power,” stated Justice Saqib Nisar in a judgment announced on a plea against the notification of increased imposition of levy tax.