Trump: Disciplined And On Message In Final Stretch

Trump: disciplined and on message in final stretch

NEW YORK, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 03rd Nov, 2016 ) - On message, disciplined and rising in the polls, Donald Trump has been playing it straight in the home stretch of the US election -- ever since the FBI clobbered Hillary Clinton's campaign by resurrecting her email scandal. The FBI announcement threw the Republican's campaign a lifeline as it reeled from a 2005 video on which Trump made vulgar remarks about groping women, and as a dozen women accused him of sexual impropriety.

For a week, renewed FBI scrutiny of the Democrat's use of a private email server while serving as secretary of state has fired up the billionaire's raucous fan base and fueled perceptions that Clinton is untrustworthy. And so far Trump has grabbed that lifeline with both hands -- ditching provocative phone-ins to talk shows, reigning in his renegade tweets and sticking to the teleprompter at his rallies. His pitch has boiled down to a few salient points: that Clinton is corrupt, cannot be trusted and cannot become president; that America needs change and that change can only come from a bullish political outsider.

It is the discipline his advisors have been desperate to cultivate for months but with only haphazard success, a fact that Trump acknowledged in remarks that sounded like he was channelling his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. "Nice and cool. Right? Stay on point, Donald, stay on point. No sidetracks, Donald -- nice and easy," he told a triumphal, upbeat rally in Pensacola, Florida on Wednesday that ended with a lavish display of fireworks. He then walloped Clinton hard. If there's anything that can fire up Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who may find the billionaire distasteful, it's the notion that his Democrat opponent is even worse. "We're only left with one person, crooked Hillary Clinton. We're going to win," Trump told the Pensacola crowd. "Look, the bottom line is, nobody wants four more years of Obama."