France Triples Air Strikes To Back Mosul Offensive

France triples air strikes to back Mosul offensive

PARIS, , (Pakistan Point News - 03rd Nov, 2016 ) - French warplanes have tripled their rate of air strikes to support Iraqi forces since the start of the offensive to retake Mosul from Islamic State militants, the military said Thursday. France carried out 63 air strikes on targets around Mosul between October 17 -- when the operation to take back Iraq's second-largest city began -- and November 1, a spokesman said. In all, French jets launched 75 strikes in both Iraq and on IS targets in Syria during the same period.

The spokesman, Colonel Patrik Steiger, said the strikes had decreased in the last few days as the ground offensive had "slowed" after an "initial phase of rapid progression". French jets, operating as part of the international coalition against IS, fly from bases in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates and the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean.