Nine Outlaws Held, Drugs, Liquor Recovered

Nine outlaws held, drugs, liquor recovered

RAWALPINDI, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 03rd Nov, 2016 ) In a crackdown, city police Thursday arrested nine outlaws and recovered drugs, liquor and confiscated kites from their possession, the police spokesman said. Pirwadhi police arrested Jameel and recovered 1275 grams charas from his possession and held Khawar Mehmood and recovered 510 grams charas from his custody. Banni police nabbed Talat Mehmood and recovered 260 grams charas from his possession. Saddar Barooni police held Aqeel Abbas recovering 500 grams charas from him. The police arrested Imran and recovered 20 liter liquor from his possession. Meanwhile Airport police held Irfan Shahzad and recovered five kites from his possession. While, Rata Amral police held two persons Ismail and Suleman for filling gas illegally. Police have registered separate cases against all and started investigation.