Steps Should Be Taken To Prevent Smoggy Atmosphere, Says A Petition Filed In The High Court By A Citizen Of Lahore


Steps should be taken to prevent smoggy atmosphere, says a petition filed in the high court by a citizen of Lahore

Lahore, (Pakistan Point News – 3rd November, 2016) : High court has been approached by a citizen for not taking any steps to prevent smog and air pollution. The applicant waleed iqbal who is a local citizen has given a view that lahore has been included in the list of world's most polluted cities. The smog and air pollutants have affected about one crore Lahore's population reason being the incursion of dust particles in the atmosphere resulting from unorganized construction. According to the petitioner the government is taking no precautionary measures against the smog and that it should proceed for some productive action to eradicate this hazardous element from the air.