Nawaz Denies Holding Off Shore Companies

Nawaz denies holding off shore companies

“You are wasting our time” Justice Azmat Saeed

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News – 3rd Nov, 2016) : All the parties in the case, were likely to submit their Terms of Reference (ToRs) on the formation of a commission for a probe into the Panama papers leaks. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, in a written statement provided by their lawyer, denied holding any offshore companies. He submitted the statement in the Supreme Court during the hearing of the Panama Leaks case. Nawaz Sharif said that under the Section 62 and 63, he gives all the information regarding his property and earnings. He further added that he also submits his taxes and statements. To which Justice Azmat Saeed said that he did not provided the asked statement regarding his children’s property. He irritably said that he was wasting the time of Judges and the court.