Residents Demand Clean Drinking Water To Prevent Water-borne Diseases

Residents demand clean drinking water to prevent water-borne diseases

TANK, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 02nd Nov, 2016 ) : Residents have called upon the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) to take concrete measures for ensuring safe drinking water to prevent water-borne diseases in the area. It is to be noted that Peshawar High Court in its detailed judgment has already directed Khyber Pakhtunkwa government to ensure supply of clean drinking water to the residents of provincial capital as well as of other cities of the province.

People of our area are fetching water from far-off and that is too contaminated, but the TMA was in fast slumber exposing residents to water-borne diseases, so Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (PCRSIR) should also take sample and conduct test on that water to determine its quality to raise awareness among people, Akhtar a citizen observed. He was of the view that besides TMA, an action should also be taken against Municipal Committee Tank for supplying unhygienic water to citizens.

The court observed that it must be ensured that potable water is made free from all types of contamination and fit for human consumption.� Moreover the judgment also suggested a task force comprising secretaries for local government, irrigation, public health engineering departments to� complete the task within six� � months at the most. But it is quite odd that despite the elapse of several months the matter is yet to be addressed by the district management and the TMA.

According to the local there are complaints about increasing cases of abdominal diseases across the area. The matter of grave concern is that despite number of reports and indications by the media neither the local nor the provincial government bothered to take into account the core issue of 100 percent polluted water for which residents pay Rs.100 per month. Adnan Yousaf Barki Advocate and Chairman Daman Citizens Front deplored. He said TMA should replace the decade-old main water pipelines which are rusty and water gets filthy, causing chances of diseases.

He said the supply-line was lying either chocked with sediment or broken which further aggravate problems. It has been observed that certain occasions potable water intermingles with sewerage water owing to these broken and rotten pipes and this ugly situation is going unnoticed by the concerned quarters. Health experts are of the view that this bacterial contamination is causing enormous fatal diseases like Hepatitis to the consumers. Tehsil Nazim Haibat Khan said solid measures were being made to ensure clean drinking water for citizen and over two dozens of tube wells were being installed in different union councils to effectively resolve the issue.