Muzaffarabad, (Pakistan Point News – 19th july, 2016) : Speaking at rallies in Bagh and Muzaffarabad, he recalled the 1999 coup and said when retired Gen. Pervez Musharraf deposed Sharif, people of Pakistan did not come out on the roads the way Turkish people did last Friday night. Stating that the people of Pakistan were more democracy-loving than Turkish nationals, the PTI chief said that they did not come out in support of Sharif [in 1999] because he was amassing wealth in the same fashion even at that time.

“Raising factories, wealth and money and promoting family dynasty had been their style from the very beginning. They are preparing their next generation to rule as if Pakistan is their fiefdom. It’s the corruption and lawlessness that has stopped investments and subsequent development and progress of this country,” he said. Making it clear that the PTI would not step back on the issue of Panama leaks, Khan added that every Pakistani this time would demand accountability from him on the matter. “While you are a businessman and believe in buying or frightening people, if you think you can buy the opposition you are gravely mistaken. This time round every single person in Pakistan wants your accountability … we will also save our democracy like that of Turkish people,” he added.