Drug Regulatory Authority Of Pakistan Increases Medicines' Prices

Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan increases medicines' prices

Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) on Friday said Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of various medicines has been increased up to 9 % and 15 %

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - 11th Jan, 2019 ) :Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) on Friday said Maximum Retail price (MRP) of various medicines has been increased up to 9 % and 15 %.

According to spokesman of DRAP, the current increase in MRP is attributed to the increase in US$ up to 30%, last year.

Accordingly, the prices of raw materials and materials used in packaging of medicines also increased. Similarly, due to rise in prices of utility bills such as electricity and gases, the manufacturing cost per unit has also been increased.

Moreover, increase in additional duties, interest rates and salaries of the employees was observed while most of the pharmaceutical raw materials are imported from China.

The Chinese industry has been closed due to environmental reasons and this has also become a reason in doubling the prices of raw materials. This affected the availability of medicines and vaccines in the country.

He said most common reason observed for this unavailability was found to be that pharmaceutical companies had informed that it is not commercially viable for them to manufacture such medicine. Therefore, multinational companies are retreating and investment opportunities are also being affected. However, DRAP ensured availability of life saving medicine on priority.

Due to these reasons, pharmaceutical industry was demanding increase in the prices of medicine since long keeping in view the increase in US$. However, DRAP tried to maintain status quo as increase in the prices of medicines was resisted.

He added that keeping in view the unavailability of medicine in market and reasons that were beyond control of either the regulator or manufacturer such as increase in US $, and increased prices of raw materials, DRAP recommended nominal increase in MRP.

It is pertinent to mention that, national pharma fulfills 90 percent of medicine need of the country and the recommendations were necessary to save the industry. He said the DRAP, after consultation with all stakeholders, recommended nine and 15 per cent increasein MRPs of medicines. He said DRAP is continuously ensuring availability of quality, safe andeffective medicine in the country.