Want To Drive Using Google Maps? Beware!


Want to drive using Google maps? Beware!

A trio followed a route shown by Google Maps but the vehicle fell into a water-filled trench

Kerala (Pakistan Point News – 10th December, 2018) Driving on roads require keen attention of the drivers as any negligence can lead to an accident.

Such was happened in Kerala where three persons, who were travelling in a car, followed a route shown by Google Maps but the vehicle fell into a water-filled trench dug up to construct a bridge.

The incident took place on Thursday midnight when the trio was travelling in a car to Munnar via Palamattam-Avolichal road. The car fell upside down into a 30-feet deep trench near Palamattam, Indian media reported.

They noticed that there was no road ahead only after reaching the edge of the trench. Though the driver quickly tried to turn the car, he lost control and it fell into the water.

The passengers did not understand what was happening due to darkness and mist. One of the injured said that they could escape as the car windows were kept open.

There was 8 feet of water inside the trench. The three did not know how to swim and had to hang on to the car for about 15 minutes until help arrived.

Later, a team of six persons, who were returning on bikes after a night shift in a rubber manufacturing company, rescued the trio.

The trio ended up in the trench as they failed to notice the warning sign on the way.

The locals alleged that the PWD and contract workers did not follow the rules and had failed to set up warning boards on both sides of the trench.

Many a people depend on Google Maps to go to Munnar, a major tourism destination in Kerala, and other high range areas. The map shows Palamattam-Avolicahal road as the shortcut to Munnar from Kothamangalam.

Minutes after rescuing the three men, a six-member group arrived in the area after following Google Maps. The locals informed them about the accident and sent them back, reports added.

Mahnoor Sheikh

The writer is News Editor, Pakistan Point. She has graduated in Mass Communication and has worked in various media houses