Parliamentary Meeting Addressing The Issue Of Honor Killing Will Be Held On 21st July


Parliamentary meeting addressing the issue of honor killing will be held on 21st July

Islamabad, (Pakistan Point News - 18th july, 2016) : A meeting of parliment committee has been called on 21st July to conduct a consensus over a bill that addresses the eradication of Honor killing. After the consensus in parliament committee, the bill will be represented in the joint session of parliament committee for approval. The Minister of Law, Zahid Hamid will preside the meeting in which two bills presented by PPP and approved by the senate will be reviewed. A bill related to the Honor killing by senator sughra Imam and a bill addressing the Issue of sexual abuse by Senator Farhat Ullah Babar will also be reviewed in the session. Sources said that JUI has previously encountered some objection over these two bills that have now been resolved.