Latvian Government Set To Tighten Foreign Adoption Rules - Statement

RIGA (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 31st October, 2018) The Latvian government said on Tuesday that it decided to toughen adoption rules for foreigners, allowing them to adopt children only if they are relatives or live in orphanages without prospect of getting proper care in the home country.

"Foreigners will be able to adopt children of their spouses; children from foster families, if they are their relatives; children from orphanages, if it is impossible to provide them with proper upbringing and care in family in Latvia," a spokesperson for the government said.

According to the Welfare Ministry, such restrictions are needed to encourage foreigners to more actively adopt children from orphanages rather than foster families.

This year, 17 children were adopted in Latvia from orphanages, while 30 more kids were taken from foster families. Latvian citizens have adopted at least 40 children.

A total of 875 Latvian children are currently seeking adoptive parents, according to the Welfare Ministry.