The Mutiny Is A Black Scar On Turkish History, Turkish PM Binali Yildrim


The mutiny is a black scar on Turkish history, Turkish PM Binali Yildrim

Ankara, (Pakistan Point News - 16th july, 2016) : the Turkish prime minister Binali yildrim held a press conference regarding the currently held mutiny in the country. "Last night's incident is a black mark on the Turkey's history. The public has countered the terrorist bravely. I announce 15th july to be celebrated as the democracy day every year." giving out the details and acknowledging the sacrifices of his countrymen he said, " A minority group tried to ruin the democracy but i congratulate my security forces for fighting against them with such valor.

The Turkish public risked their lives in order to crush the rebellion. I am very grateful for all the support i got from the friend countries. The love of public for democracy cannot be suppressed or snatched away. The incident has proved that public trust the democratic government completely. The culprits will be punished soon as rebel is the least thing a country can afford and our constitution consists of a decided punishment for the rebels.

We'll never forget the people and the soldiers who sacrificed their lives while fighting for democracy. Our patriotic president, generals and political leaders wisely took the decisions against the mutiny. More than 2800 revolt soldiers have been arrested. Now the crises have come to an end. There is alot more to do in order to stabilize the lives of Turkey. The situation is now under control." He has called a Grand assembly meeting. An appeal was also made to the citizens for waving the Turkish flags all over the country.