Pakistani Controversial Model Qandeel Baloch Choked To Death By Her Brother In The Name Of Honor


Pakistani controversial Model Qandeel Baloch choked to death by her brother in the name of honor

Multan, (Pakistan Point News - 16th july, 2016) :Pakistani controversial Model qandeel baloch has been killed by her brother, RPO Multan informed. She was choked to death by her brother. She has been living in her house in muzaffarbad along with her family near multan. she has reported of being vulnerable to threats previously.police has arrived the spot. The murderer ran away after the murder. QB had made an appeal to the interior minister to provide her the security. Her father informed the police of her murder by a telephone call. The murder has been done in the name of honor by her brother Zahoor Baloch last night. The current scandals of QB with molana mufti Abdul Qawi and her divorce caused the brother to burst out into rage consequently murdering his sister to save the honor of the family.