USPCAS-W To Set Up Pakistan Water Sustainability Network At Mehran University

USPCAS-W to set up Pakistan Water Sustainability Network at Mehran University

HYDERABAD, (Pakistan Point News - 14th Oct, 2016 ) : The Associate Director U.S.-Pakistan Centre for Advanced Studies in Water (USPCAS-W) University of Utah Dr. Tariq Banuri Friday informed that an advocacy network called Pakistan Water Sustainability Network (PWSN) will be set up with objective to raise the awareness and importance of water. The PWSN will be established by the joint efforts of USPCAS-W housed at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) and Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) of Pakistan, he said.

This he informed while addressing the meeting with faculty and senior staff of USPCAS-W at Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) MUET on Friday. Dr. Banuri said this network will work for water sector challenges and its potential solutions in Pakistan by intervening in Media, Parliamentarian, Research and Development (R&D) Organization and Water Data Sources. He said this PWSN will be one of the most diverse networks of the country consisting of academia, water experts, policy makers, media practitioners, civil society groups, industry and corporate sector which will focus� Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 which is on water and sanitation.

Dr. Banuri said the network will work with stakeholders on Water SDG by reforming curricula, legislations, media sensitization, and on applied research related to water. He said the network will also pave the way for forging partnership to advance the quality of water research and higher education in Pakistan, including strengthening of science-policy interface through multi-stakeholder consultations. He conducted the session with two cohorts of the USPCAS-W Students on spring 2017 exchange visit guidelines and suggestions.

He suggested the students to concentrate on their writing skills by developing reading habit and time management. Dr. Banuri had follow up meetings with the concerned officials on the progress on Business-Academia Linkages and Technology Venture Commercialization (TVC), Gender Empowerment, Faculty Exchange Programme, Curriculum Reforms, Communication Opportunities, Student Handbook, Pakistan Water Development Report, MUET Clean Water Project and governance component of Water Centre- USPCAS-W. Later, Dr. Tariq Banuri also called upon Vice Chancellor Mehran University Dr. Muhammad Aslam Uqaili and exchanged ideas of mutual interest.