Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat Ul Ibad Got Sick Due To Dehydration


Sindh Governor Dr Ishrat ul Ibad got sick due to dehydration

Karachi, (Pakistan Point News - 15th july, 2016) : Governer Sindh Dr. Ishrat ul bad got sick during the jummah prayers and was immediately taken to the national institute of Heart diseases. While offering the prayer of Jummah, he suddenly sat down on the floor and complaint of increased heart beat. He was immediately carried in a protocol free private car to the national institute of heart diseases where a panel of doctors examined him. The doctors said that his sickness was due to dehydration. He was later on shifted to the room situated on second floor of the hospital. His staff also accompanied him. The Governer's spokesperson later issued an statement to the media that his condition is better now an =d the doctors have permitted him to go home.