Sub-jail In Karachi Looks Like Presidential Palace: CJP Nisar


Sub-jail in Karachi looks like Presidential Palace: CJP Nisar

Says an influential person is shifted to hospital in the grab of sickness

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News – 4th September, 2018) Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar has said that the sub-jail in Karachi looks like a Presidential Palace.

A hearing on the poor condition of hospitals was held in the Supreme Court on Tuesday. A three-member Supreme Court bench headed by CJP Nisar held the hearing of the case.

During the hearing, the CJP said that he visited the hospitals along with the Prisoners IG.

“I went to Karachi sub-jail and saw everything. The conversations I overheard in sub-jail were about who should be jailed and who should be released,” the CJP said.

The sub-jail in Karachi looks like Presidential Palace, he said, adding that there was much hue and cry that I did something odd.

In an argument with Sindh chief secretary, the CJP asked what is all this happening in Sindh. I didn’t saw any honey bottle, you gave them a benefit of doubt.

The chief secretary revealed of tampering in the matter. He said that he will present a report on the matter.

The CJP said, “If I had intended to raid those alcohol bottles, I would have done it then and got those people arrested. Sharjeel Memon also did not deny of possessing alcohol bottles. He only said that these bottles don’t belong to him. Sharjeel Memon’s room was no less than a Presidential Palace. An influential person is shifted to hospital in the grab of sickness.”

The CJP said that he had earlier visited the jail and this time he visited the sub-jail.

“I have no concern if anyone is having alcohol there or water. Law will deal with those having alcohol. I had not even asked the administration to seal the liquor bottles, they did it themselves and now honey is found from these bottles,” he said.

CJP Mian Saqib Nisar paid a surprise visit to hospitals in Karachi on Saturday.

According to media reports, the CJP paid a short visit to Ziauddin Hospital and went to PPP leader Sharjeel Memon‘s room and found liquor bottles from there.

At least three bottles of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes were recovered from Sharjeel Memon’s hospital room.

The CJP when found the bottles asked about the attorney general. When inquired, Sharjeel Memon said that he has nothing to do with these bottles.

Media reports further said that there was no nurse or doctor in Sharjeel Memon’s room on the first floor of Ziauddin Hospital.

Following the incident, the CJP ordered to shift Sharjeel Memon back to jail and ordered his medical test.

Two persons were arrested after bottles of liquor were found from the room of Sharjeel Memon in Ziauddin Hospital. One of the arrested persons Muhammad Jam in his statement said that the bottles recovered from Sharjeel Memon’s hospital room were of honey and oil and not alcohol.

The arrested person said that you can check the CCTV footage. I am a driver and my job is to deliver food to the hospital.

“I am someone else’s driver. My friend is the driver of Sharjeel Memon. I am doing his duty since he is on a leave,” Jam said.

Memon’s servant Zahid in his statement said that he does not know why he has been arrested. The jail personnel is responsible for the place which is declared as a sub-jail.

Meanwhile, PPP leader Nasir Hussain Shah also claimed that there was olive oil and honey in the bottles found in Sharjeel Memon's room.

SSP South Umar Shahid took the CCTV footage for forensic investigation. He said that a legal action will be taken against the responsible after investigation.

DIG Jail Nasir Aftab also said that investigations are underway and an action will be taken against the accused.

Sharjeel Memon was earlier shifted to hospital from jail owing to his sickness. Sharjeel Memon was sent on a judicial remand after being arrested in the Rs 5.76 billion corruption case in November 2017, along with 11 others.

Mahnoor Sheikh

The writer is News Editor, Pakistan Point. She has graduated in Mass Communication and has worked in various media houses