Pakistan Shines With The Young Talented Star- The Melodious Nehaal Naseem Seizes Shuja Haider's Attention


Pakistan shines with the young talented star- the melodious Nehaal Naseem seizes Shuja Haider's attention

Rawalpindi, (Pakistan Point News – 8th October, 2016) : Pakistan is a sky decorated with shiny talented stars that twinkles and lighten up the whole universe. One of the twinkling star of this divine sky is an 11 years old Nehal Naseem who through her magical voice has siezed the attention of a great Pakistani musician Shuja haider.Nehaal, a grade six student at Rawalpindi’s Army Public school, and a remarkable singer in herself seems ready to make her entry into the music industry giving a tough competition to the renowned singers already working in the industry.

Shuja haider has recently shared a video in which the little master can be seen singing Man mayal's OST melodiously without a single flaw.

“My daughter’s initial inspiration was her older sister. Nehaal started singing since she’s been five and we appreciate her talent thoroughly,” Nehaal’s mother Nosheen Naseem said in an interview. Nehaal has achieved many awards and prizes for her outstanding singing but on the other side she aims to become a doctor.

talking about her future aims she said, “I really want to become a doctor but I love singing. So if I get a chance to become a professional singer, I will not let go the opportunity.” Nehaal said that Atif Aslam and Humaira Arshad are her favorite singers. Her mother expressed her concerns about her daughter's singing ablity and she said that she will let Nehaal decide opting singing as her profession. “If her heart lies in singing, we will support her through thick and thin.” Nehaal's mother also told about the known musician Shuja Haider expressing his keen desire to work in collaboration with this young talent.