Federal Cabinet Meeting: PM Announces Black Day To Be Held On Tuesday


Federal Cabinet Meeting: PM announces Black day to be held on Tuesday

Lahore, (Pakistan Point News - 15th july, 2016) : Under the presidency of PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif, a Federal cabinet meeting was held in the governer house Lahore. The exploitation of muslim kashmiris by the Indian forces remained the main agenda of the meeting. After his recovery from ailment, this is the first time when Nawaz Sharif presided a cabinet meeting. A framework to address the violation of human rights in occupied Kashmir and the merciless violence on innocent kashmiris by the Indian forces was developed in the meeting.

A briefing was also given by Ishaq Dar regarding the current political situation, appointment of new members for EC and talks with opposition on TOR's. Parliament also announced to conduct a joint session which is expected next week. More over, Prime minister announced a black day on tuesday in which protests will be held all over the country against the violence on Kashmiris. He said that kashmiris will take their rights at any cost. The whole nation including me is standing besides Kashmiri brothers. India cannot suppress the rights of Kashmiris and their efforts to fight for freedom, with power. He further payed tribute to the Kashmiri leader Wani who got killed a few days back, by saying that Wani was the Freedom soldier and his efforts will not go in vain as Kashmiris will be freed soon.