Islam Is The Only Religion That Condemns The Killing Of Innocent People, Explained Zakir Naik


Islam is the only religion that condemns the killing of innocent people, explained Zakir Naik

Mumbai,(Pakistan Point News - 15th july, 2016) : After the inquiry was set against the renowned Indian Islamic scholar Dr. Zakir Naik, a statement has been issued by the scholar as a justification. he condemned all the terrorist activities by saying that terrorist attacks in which the innocents are killed are forbidden in islam. My speech was represented without the proper and true context. There is no book rather than Quran which considers the killing of innocent people unlawful.

Quoting a verse from Holy Quran he said that Allah considers the murder of one innocent as the murder of the entire humanity. Zakir Naik was accused of being responsible to encourage a man, through one of his speeches, to conduct a terrorist attack in Dhaka. After that Mumbai police was setup to investigate the matter thoroughly, meanwhile Zakir Naik wasn't allowed to deliver anymore speeches to preach Islam.