SCO To Focus On Promoting Regional Peace And Development: Says Xi Jinping

Qingdao, (Pakistan Point News - 10th Jun, 2018) : President Xi Jinping here on Sunday addressed the high-profile Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit, stating that it will focus on promoting regional peace and development. The heads of state of SCO member states, leaders of observer delegations, as well as representatives of international and regional organizations, are attending, including President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain. Xi specifically welcomed Pakistan for their joining as new full members to the organization.

The SCO, he said has become an important force for promoting global peace and development and upholding international justice and fairness with its ever rising international influence. "It SCO enjoys strong vitality and momentum of cooperation," added Xi, attributing the organization's standing to the Shanghai Spirit. In his speech, Xi called the SCO member states to keep pace with underlying trends to push for more progress in human civilization.

"While unilateralism, trade protectionism and the backlash against globalization are taking new forms, in this global village of ours where countries' interests and future are so interconnected, the pursuit of cooperation for mutual benefit represents a surging trend," said Xi. "While we keep hearing such rhetoric as the clash of civilizations or the superiority of one civilization over another, it is the diversity of civilizations that sustains human progress.

Indeed, mutual learning between different cultures is a shared aspiration of all peoples," he added. Xi also highlighted the Shanghai spirit, which he called a "shared asset" of the SCO. "We should stay committed to the Shanghai Spirit, surmount difficulties, defuse risks and meet challenges head on," said Xi. At the end of his speech, Xi gave a five-point proposal for the organization: - To build up strength of unity and mutual trust - To strengthen the foundation for shared peace and security - To build a powerful engine to achieve common development and prosperity - To forge closer ties through cultural and people-to-people exchanges - To expand partnership networks of international cooperation Xi said China will set up a 30 billion yuang equivalent special lending facility within the framework of the SCO Inter-bank Consortium to build a SCO community with a shared future with a view toward an inclusive world that enjoys lasting peace, shared security and common prosperity.

"Qingdao is a famous international sailing capital. It is from here that many ships set sail in pursuit of dreams. "The Qingdao summit is a new departure point for us. Together, let us hoist the sail of the Shanghai Spirit, break waves and embark on a new voyage for our organization," he said.