KE To Initiate Construction Of Its Grid Station Under TP 1,000

KE to initiate construction of its grid station under TP 1,000

KARACHI, (Pakistan Point News - APP -26th Sep,2016) : The Karachi-Electric (KE) is going to initiate construction of its first grid station under TP-1000 (Transmission Enhancement Plan) with an estimated cost of USD 13 million. A statement of the utility on Monday said that the ground breaking scheduled during the last quarter of 2016 (Sep-Oct) is the first of many milestones to come as K-Electric continues to serve the people of Karachi. The chosen site of Old Golimar Station, will ensure further enhanced and more reliable power supply for both industrial as well as domestic consumers in the SITE area besides relieving load on the existing grids at Haroonabad and Mauripur.

TP-1000 Transmission Enhancement Plan of $400 million is progressing swiftly in collaboration with Siemens Germany/Pakistan and Shanghai Electric of China. The statement pointed out that the completion timeline of the project is over 3 years, and currently manufacturing of the equipment is underway after finalizing base designs. KE teams and respective vendors are all working under a central project office for effective coordination. The project aims to add 1000 MVA in transmission and distribution infrastructure and will ensure a smoother and more reliable supply of power for K-Electric customers in Karachi and its adjoining areas.

The KE statement further pointed out that at the launch of TP-1000 held in February, Minister of Water & Power Khawaja Asif in a message congratulated the management of K-Electric on progressing swiftly with the project and appreciated the recent customer-centric initiatives of the utility and recognized the role of increased power generation and its effective transmission in contributing to the economic growth of the country through increased industrial activity.

Spokesperson K-Electric said that the continuous stream of investment from K-Electric reinforces our long-term commitment to Pakistan and shows confidence in future growth in the power sector. The investment will contribute to the development of our infrastructure and subsequently to facilitate our valued customers. The grid station will play a key role in meeting the power demands of new industrial consumers at SITE, as industries are and will remain the top priority of K-Electric and all possible measures would be taken to continue to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to industrial areas.

K-Electric through TP-1000 will add 8 new grid stations comprising 220KV and 132KV network, bay extensions, 6 new auto transformers, efficiency expansion plan for 21 existing grid stations which will also include addition of 30 power transformers and more than 400 new 11KV feeders to cater to the growing demands of the city. Ten new 220KV and 132KV double and single circuit transmission lines of approximately 130Km would also be laid out whereas 3 existing 220KV and 132KV transmission circuits would be rehabilitated to increase the power carrying capacity and reliability. An additional disaster recovery centre would help cope with emergency situations whereas new transmission lines, circuits and grids would help decrease the fault ratio and increase reliability and supply of electricity.