Bernie Sanders Announced Clinton's Support


Bernie Sanders announced Clinton's support

Portsmouth, (Pakistan Point News - 13th July, 2016) : After several months of hard campaigning, Bernie Sanders has finally announced to support the Democratic Party’s possible presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. International news agency, AFP, reported that Bernie Sanders participated in the campaign with Hillary Clinton in a High school in Portsmouth, American state New Hampshire, which was the result of many weeks’ negotiations to strengthening the party's presidential campaign.

Bernie Sanders said while addressing the enthusiastic participants that she congratulate Hillary Clinton on winning the Democratic nomination race, Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic candidate for President and she would help Hillary to win the Presidential Election. She said that if someone thinks that this election is not important; take a moment to think that if Donald Trump would be elected for President then what would be the future of our civil liberties, equal rights and our country.

Senator Bernie Sanders, 74-year-old, from Vermont, had a tougher fight than expected, against Hillary Clinton in Primary election for the presidential nomination. However, the former US Secretary of State, were able to convince the most delegates to support her. But even refusing to give up her campaign, Bernie Sanders said that she will try to get the support of the super delegates. Hillary Clinton will officially be nominated the presidential candidate at the party convention in Philadelphia later this month.

Bernie Sanders announced Clinton's support