So Pakistan Unbeatable For 1000 Years, Er Rashid Tells Modi

So Pakistan unbeatable for 1000 years, Er Rashid tells Modi

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 26th Sep, 2016 ) : The independent member of so-called Kashmir Assembly, Engineer Abdur Rasheed has said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's challenge to fight a war against Pakistan for one thousand years amounts to confession that it is not so easy to break or defeat Pakistan for 1000 years. Engineer Rasheed while reacting to the assertions made by Narendra Modi in Kerela said, "By talking of indulging in war with Pakistan for thousand years Modi has confessed that India can't beat Pakistan for at least one thousand years," Rashid said in a statement, KMS reported.

He termed Modi's remarks on Azad Kashmir meaningless arguing that unlike Indian occupied Kashmir the people of Azad Kashmir were enjoying their basic rights, besides Azad Kashmir was most peaceful and had its own president and prime minister. Engineer Rasheed welcomed Modi's invitation to Pakistanis to fight jointly with India the war against illiteracy, poverty and other serious issues, asked him to reveal the roadmap to do and achieve these objectives as well.

He said that this was only possible by giving the people of Jammu and Kashmir their inalienable right to self-determination. Er Rasheed said that Modi had every right to not "allow sacrifice of eighteen soldiers killed in Uri to go waste. If India can't ignore or forget sacrifices of those eighteen soldiers wearing uniform, getting good salaries and trained to kill and get killed, how can Kashmiris forget sacrifices of more than one hundred thousand innocent and unarmed, men, women and children, who were sent to graves by Indian forces from 1990," the statement said. "Modi should also answer those hundreds of mothers whose beloved children have been blinded by pellets for ever at the hands of Indian forces in past three months."