German Populists In New Storm As Member Calls Refugees 'disgusting Worms'

German populists in new storm as member calls refugees 'disgusting worms'

BERLIN, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 22nd Sep, 2016 ) - German populist party AfD was caught in a new storm Thursday after it emerged that a recently elected Berlin deputy called refugees "disgusting worms" while another key member reportedly sold Nazi paraphernalia. AfD candidate Kay Nerstheimer was elected on Sunday to Berlin's state parliament, but quickly came under pressure over controversial posts he made on Facebook as well as his background as a former member of the far-right German Defence League.

After labelling Syrian refugees "disgusting worms" last year, he this year said asylum seekers were "parasites which are feeding off the German people", national media reported. Public outrage over the offensive statements forced the Berlin chapter of the AfD to distance itself Thursday from Nerstheimer, who had garnered one in four votes in the capital's suburban electoral district of Lichtenberg 1. The party decided to drop Nerstheimer from its parliamentary group, but he would still be able to keep his seat in Berlin's parliament as an independent deputy, said Ronald Glaeser, spokesman for AfD's Berlin chapter. The AfD, however, has not launched any proceedings to kick Nerstheimer out of the party altogether, he added.