Venezuela Bus Strike Causes Traffic Chaos In Caracas

Venezuela bus strike causes traffic chaos in Caracas

CARACAS, (Pakistan Point News - APP -22nd Sep,2016) : Venezuelan bus drivers protesting their country's economic crisis parked their buses in the street on Wednesday, causing traffic chaos in Caracas and embarrassing President Nicolas Maduro, a former colleague. Hundreds of drivers joined the strike, demanding better pay, more security against violent crime and spare parts for their buses. Tires, car batteries and motor oil are on a long list of goods that have disappeared in the shortage-racked country.

The protest paralyzed half the bus fleet in the city of three million people, the drivers said. Scores of drivers parked their buses outside the transport ministry, causing havoc on the capital's east side as they shut off one of its main arteries for nine hours. "We're not budging. They think they're so important? Well, we are too," spokesman Hugo Ocando shouted from a parked bus. Transport Minister Ricardo Molina had refused to meet union leaders, blaming schedule conflicts, Ocando said. He threatened the drivers would escalate to a nationwide strike if the ministry did not give them "answers."