China Offers $100 Million In Aid For Refugees

China offers $100 million in aid for refugees

UNITED NATIONS, United States, (Pakistan Point News - APP -19th Sept,2016) - China on Monday pledged $100 million Dollars in humanitarian aid to address the world's biggest refugee crisis and said a $1 billion fund it has set up with the United Nations could also be used for that purpose. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang made the pledge at the first-ever UN summit on refugees and migrants, called to agree on an international response to the displacement crisis.

"China attaches great importance to and has taken an active part in addressing this issue," Li told the gathering. "We are committed to shouldering our responsibilities compatible with our abilities," he added. The premier announced $100 million in humanitarian aid "on top of previous pledges" and said his government was considering "setting aside the China-UN Peace and Development Fund to help countries with that effort." China announced the creation of the $1 billion fund last year to support the work of the United Nations over the next 10 years. Li described the plight of refugees suffering from hunger and disease as "a serious shock to the human conscience" and said "the spirit of humanitarianism must be carried forward." World governments gathered at the United Nations adopted a political declaration that calls for upholding the dignity of refugees.